The right to information – check prices

The seller is obliged to provide the consumer with clear, comprehensible and non-misleading information in Polish regardless of the form of purchase (stationary or online). If you have difficulties with the Polish language, ask your relatives for help, use online translation programmes or take advantage of free assistance of translators, e.g. at

Prices for products or services

You have the right to be informed of the price of any product or service before you buy it. It must be indicated by the seller in an unambiguous manner and a visible place. If the seller informs you about the price orally, they are breaking the law.

You will find price information on the product, on the label, in the price list or in the catalogue. At the grocery shop, check if the price listed next to the product actually applies to that item. Sometimes the shop assistants mix up price tags and the product may appear cheaper than it really is. If in doubt, ask the shop assistant or check the price reader in the shop. Before visiting a hairdresser or a dentist, getting your car repaired or exchanging money at the currency exchange, you should check how much you will pay for such a service.

The amount provided by the seller or service provider must always be the final (gross) price, which is what you will pay at the checkout. It is illegal to quote lower prices that do not include tax, for example, in advertisements or promotional leaflets and then add additional charges at the time of payment. You should pay the amount indicated on or next to the product you buy.

If the price displayed at the checkout is higher than the price on the product or the shelf, you have the right to buy the item at a lower price. If you only notice the difference on your receipt, you can demand reimbursement of the amount overpaid.

Useful phrases:

  • How much does it cost? – Скільки це коштує?
  • I want to buy a ticket to – я хочу купити білет до
  • How much do I pay? Скільки я плачу?
  • A kilogram/litre/piece/ of … please. – Дайте, будь ласка, кілограм/літр/штуку
  • Promotion, sale, discount – Акція, розпродаж, знижка