The right to complain

If, within 2 years of the delivery, you find defects in the purchased goods (e.g. the phone stops working, the kettle does not turn on) or the product breaks down or is damaged during use for reasons beyond your control (e.g. the shoes fall apart), you have the right to take advantage of the statutory warranty and file a complaint with the seller. This right is provided for in Polish consumer protection laws. You can exercise it regardless of whether you buy products in a stationary shop, online or at a marketplace.

In your complaint, you must indicate what type of action you expect the seller to take due to the fact that the purchased product has broken down or become damaged. You can demand:

  • the product to be repaired,
  • the product to be replaced,
  • a price reduction,
  • a refund (if the defect is significant, which means that you cannot use the product at all).

When enforcing your rights, remember about the proof of purchase. This is a document provided to the consumer by the seller, which confirms what type of product they have bought, when they have bought it and at what price. It must be issued by all sellers in Poland. Its most convenient form is a receipt, but other options, such as a printout from a bank account confirming the payment or an e-mail payment confirmation, will also suffice.

If you buy a USED PRODUCT, you may also exercise the statutory warranty, although the time limit may be reduced to one year. You should be able to acquire information on this issue before you purchase the item.

The complaint should be issued to the seller, not the manufacturer. The seller cannot refuse the acceptance of a complaint. Remember to keep your proof of purchase.

If you have a consumer problem – call: 801 440 220 and 222 66 76 76 from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost of this call will be the same as the cost of any other call made to another telephone number and depend on your operator’s rates.

Useful phrases:

  • Consumer – споживач
  • I want to buy… – я хочу купити
  • I want to sell… – я хочу продати
  • I want to file a complaint. – я хочу подати рекламацію
  • One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, zero – один, два, три, чотири, п’ять, шість, сім, вісім, дев’ять, десять, нуль.
  • Where can I find help? – Де я можу знайти допомогу?
  • Do you help consumers for free? – Ви допомагаєте споживачам безкоштовно?