The right to choose

Shopping on the marketplaces, in shops and shopping centres

Shopping in a stationary shop has many advantages. It gives you an opportunity to look at the product up close, touch it, try it on and see if it has all the features you want.

Remember that if you decide to buy an item in a stationary shop and later have doubts (e.g. you did not try on a jacket in the shop and it turned out to be too small at home) and you want to return it, it will depend on the seller’s goodwill whether they will accept the return of your purchase and give you your money back. The seller may, but is not obliged to accept the return of goods purchased in a stationary shop. This right is provided for in Polish law. If you are not certain of a given product, e.g. when buying furniture, ask the seller in advance about the possibility of return. Throughout Europe, well-known brands and shop chains offer consumers voluntary refunds as a part of good practice, for example, within a few days. Would you like to benefit from such a refund? Ask about it before you buy a given product. Find out under what conditions the stationary shop in question accepts such returns – the rules are set by the seller, which means that the shop may, for example, demand that you return the product in original packaging or offer a refund in the form of a gift card instead of cash.

Online shopping

When shopping online, first of all, check who is on the other side of the screen. Make sure the shop is based in Poland or another EU country – it will be easier to pursue claims if the order turns out to be a mistake. Check the times, places and methods of delivery (is it sent by courier or do you have to claim it at the post office or a shop acting as a delivery point?). Verify if it is possible to contact the seller and check the opinions of other users. An extremely attractive price should raise your suspicion. Remember that by pressing the “buy and pay” or a similar button, you enter into a purchase agreement with the seller, which you will have to fulfil, i.e. pay the price for the goods purchased.

Online shopping gives you an opportunity to cancel the purchase within 14 days of delivery at no charge. This means that you can return an item without giving a reason. To withdraw from the agreement, inform the seller about your decision.

The Ukrainian-speaking lawyers available at the consumer helpline will help you prepare your withdrawal free of charge.
If you have a consumer problem – call: 801 440 220 and 222 66 76 76 16 from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost of this call will be the same as the cost of any other call made to another telephone number and depend on your operator’s rates.

When you exercise your right of return, you will have to send the product back to the shop within 14 days (you can look at the item or try it on, but it should not show signs of use, because this will give the seller the grounds to charge you extra) and the seller will be obliged to refund you the amount you paid. However, there are exceptions to this rule that apply, for example, to products with a short shelf life.

Websites for buying and exchanging second-hand products and more

There are many platforms that you can visit when searching for new or second-hand items. Popular websites include Olx, Allegro, Gumtree, Vinted, Zalando Preowned, etc. Sellers operating on these platforms range from professional shops to individuals, such as yourself. Pay attention to who you buy from, as this will determine what type of legal protection applies to you.

If you buy from a professional trader, you are entitled to all the rights described above. If you buy from an individual/another user of the platform, you will not, for example, be able to withdraw from the contract within 14 days and the pursuit of claims may be more difficult.

If you are concerned about paying for your order in advance – choose the option cash on delivery. This is a type of courier service, for which you pay the supplier when you receive your purchase. This is a good option for ordering high-value products or testing an online shop you are not familiar with.

Useful phrases:

  • Buy now – Придбайте зараз
  • Buy with an obligation to pay – Купую з зобов’язанням оплатити
  • Withdrawal from the agreement – Відмова від договору
  • Order and pay – Замовляю та оплачую